Mixed Emotions

I can’t believe that our training is over! This has been such an awesome experience I am having mixed emotions about it coming to an end.

Where do I begin to Thank so many great people who have helped me over the last 10 weeks.

Lifemark, right from the assessments, nutrition advice and of course the best running coach ever! Alvin you rock! I know I will miss our weekly runs, your encouragement and advice you gave us every week. Also a shout out to Lorraine Ryan, my mentor, you kept everyone organized and motivated. You are the best!

Goodlife Fitness, So happy to have Lorraine Ryan join me for 6 am Body Pump class 3 mornings a week. Without her I’m sure I would have come up with excuses not to get out of bed that early, but we did it together and so happy with our results. We will continue pumping together!

Aerobics First, my new running shoes feel great and I will definitely be back to see your wonderful staff when I wear them out, with all the running I intent to do.

One of the best parts of this journey is the wonderful friends I have made. I look forward to keeping in touch and getting out and continue running with you.

I feel amazing and so happy with the results of the program. Team Myles Rocks!

If anyone is reading this and is on the fence about applying next year my advice is, do it! It has been such an amazing experience and 10 weeks ago I was so freaked out about running 10 kms and today I am super excited to hit the streets in Halifax on Sunday and do this!

The training is over but my running is not. Team Myles has set me up for success and I am excited to continue on.

Team Myles Rocks!

One Response to “Mixed Emotions”

  1. susan shearerMay 17, 2018 at 5:19 pm #

    maybe next year you will be a mentor …Look forward to maybe applying and getting back into running and you are having so much fun doing it .. Good luck you gals and guys will rock it

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