I did it!!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post – life has been crazy and stressful to the point that I woke up yesterday morning and had a moment of self-debate about whether I just wanted to tackle the mile long list of things I had to do or get out for my long run to release some of that stress. I’m glad the inner runner in me chose to run…..

We’re only 2 short weeks from race day and I’ve been anxiously counting down the weeks as I reach longer and longer distance. Yesterday our coaches and mentors paired up with some of us one on one to help keep us motivated. I was fortunate enough to get Coach Leanne who pushed me as far as I could go but also calmed my self-doubt in the same stride. We had a great run and a great talk. After about 9k my hips started to really hurt (the good news – it took my mind off my super sore knees) and the running intervals became shorter. But Leanne just wouldn’t let me quit – I was going to hit 10k today if it killed me (and it almost did!). As we were waiting for the light at the corner of Spring Garden and South Park a lovely lady approached us and told us how great it was that we were doing this race and wished me well – then I stepped off the curb and my phone told me that I had hit 10k! We walked the rest of the way back to the meeting spot and for the time being nothing hurt – all I felt was joy, pride and a wonderful sense of accomplishment! I can make my body move in a forward motion for 10k. Who knew?!

Not going to lie – I spent most of the rest of the day between a hot Epsom salts bath and ice packs on my knees and hips but I woke up this morning feeling almost good as new. I spent a good part of my “ice-time” yesterday thinking about how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. That first day of 1:1 intervals when I was more than ready for a rest after just 1 minute of running; and our first hills night where I could not finish all our running intervals because my lungs just would not let me breathe. I did multiple 11:1 intervals yesterday with a few 8s and 9s thrown in (and a couple of 5s and 6s too when dealing with a hill) but what a change!

I originally wanted to get the 10k done in less than 1hr 30mins and I was literally seconds off that mark. I now have two weeks to let the uber-competitor in me work on carving off seconds and minutes from my pace and getting across that finish line even faster. Looking forward to race day!!

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