Almost over

Well the countdown is on to the big day. Hills night has only one night left. Our group Sunday runs is one left too.

I am having mixed feelings about both the end of this journey and what will be a start of a new chapter in what will my new life.

I have moved on to a level I never thought possible in my fitness goals. I am excited to go forward with matching and exceeding the new goals I set.

But, don’t think this journey is all about the physical side of fitness. Its not! Not at all!! There is a huge emotional side. The exercise helps get endorphins flowing but the people you meet on the team really make you look at life in another direction or well at least it did to me.

The positive encouragement that the team has shown me how much a person can be lifed up back up where everyone should always be.

I am back up and I am sticking with it. My life had so much negativity and I was living with it. I accepted it and let it pull me down. Team Myles has shown me how to cut the drag lines so I can fly high on positive days and have more of them than bad days.

Its like the bridge, I thought at first I vouldn’t run the bridge and back but once I got going there was no stopping me.

So, with just 10 days to go. This girl has shed her armour and is excited to crush the race and get going on living my best life.

Thanks Team Myles you have done more than I could ever put into words.

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