Aches & Pains along the way!

When I started Team Myles, I knew the journey would include some aches and pains and possibly some injuries. I ran in the past, and had knee tracking issues and always had some grief from my IT band. I’m now a bit older, a bit heavier, so yes- I was expecting to encounter some discomfort. My approach was to address anything as it came up, in an attempt to prevent any major injuries that would interfere with or prevent training for the race.

My first symptom started during week 3. I had a tingling in my left lower leg. I got in for my assessment with Paul and found out that I pronate and have an early heel rise. Paul put a wedge in the heel of my shoe, which stopped the tingling immediately. Amazing!

The pronating started to irritate my knee, so Paul recommended insoles for my sneakers and I also started seeing Lifemark PT Shara Quinn. Shara identified that I had glute weakness and she gave me exercises for strengthening. Treatment was extremely helpful and I’ve continued to go biweekly for follow ups.

I then went for a sneaker assessment and found out that I was wearing a sneaker that was too small. It was recommended that I increase by 1/2 a size to allow for my foot to have full range of motion. The larger shoe allowed for a bit more pronation to occur, so I started to have some hip pain. I saw Paul about this today and he’s built my insole up a bit  to offer further support to prevent the extra pronation.

I’m a Lifemark employee, so I might be a bit biased :), but  I am grateful for the awesome team of clinicians that have kept me running! I highly recommend not ignoring any symptoms that you may be having. Get in to see a clinician and address those aches/pains before they become injuries!

Bluenose weekend is just 2 weeks away. Keep stretching, keep foam rolling, keep cross training!

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