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Ya, let’s go sometime… | Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: Team Myles

Ya, let’s go sometime…

I am sure hot yoga is the furthest thing from anyones mind when they think of me and rightly so, I don’t do well in high temperatures, I am not known for my balance or grace and my voice is far from zen.

I have managed to dodge hot yoga invites from friends for years. I would always say ‘Ya, let’s go sometime!” knowing that is where my hot yoga experience would end or so I thought…

Team Myles 2018 announced that Moksha Yoga Halifax had jumped on board as a sponsor for our training. Everyone seemed quite excited, for good reason. Not me, I was dreading the thought of it and thinking of ways to avoid it for this training season.

Easter Weekend was busy for me. Fitness wise. I had committed to doing two Team Myles runs, an hour long HIIT class at a new gym downtown, and a 14km hike. On Sunday I woke up and my muscles hurt. I am known for being an awful stretcher. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw one of the other mentors post that she was going to the 9:30am Hot Yoga class at Moksha on Easter Monday. I thought, I really should do this. I am sore and I still have a run and hike to do today. It couldn’t hurt! So I comment on her post and tell her I am in! Part of me is excited and apart of me is freaking out.

It’s now Monday morning at 7:30am and my alarm is going off for Yoga…I decided to go against my usual morning routine and not have coffee because, I didn’t want to chance any unfortunate situations for my first hot yoga session. So I am up, I’m showered, I have put deodorant on all the places, I put on my most Yoga like outfit, I fill up my water bottle and I roll up my yoga mat that I have had for over a year but it has never made it out of the house and put it in my backpack. Okay, I think I have everything and I am all set! Then…I get a message from Hilchey and she says “I have a yoga towel for you.”  Oh awesome, but what the heck is a yoga towel? She explains that is so I don’t slip and slide on my mat. This was a relief because I am not gonna lie, I pictured myself slipping and flopping around on my yoga mat from all the sweat.

I leave a little early to head to Moksha because, I am a bit of a scatter brain when I am in situations that intimidate me and wanted to make sure that when I went to sign in, it would all go smoothly and I wasn’t rushed. As I am walking, all I can think about is coffee. I just want a coffee! So, I take a slight detour and opt for a small Americano. Ahhhhh, life is good again. So I am walking, it’s 8:45am in the morning, I have a coffee in one hand and my metal water bottle in the other and a yoga mat sticking out of my backpack. Not gonna lie, I am feeling pretty healthy and cool until…Reality kicked in. I look at my reflection in a window and all the compartments of my backpack are open and my yoga mat is one more step away from falling on the sidewalk. I laugh at myself and I get myself sorted. I am back on my way.

I arrive at Moksha at 9am for the 9:30am class. I prep myself to speak as softly as possible. Kiki is there to sign me in and I tell her that I came early because I had trouble signing up last night. Turns out, I had no trouble signing up of the class because I did it twice…Kiki was great, she merged my profiles and didn’t even get mad at me for potentially stealing a spot from someone else. I am officially panicked but then, I see Hilchey and then Louise and I am feeling relieved. I head into the change room and I am definitely a fish out of water. I find my way to the studio and it’s warm in there. I mean, I knew it would be but the room was more like a warm hug than the heat I was petrified of. The lights were dimmed and I felt calm. CALM. Okay, I can do this. This is nice. I am laying there, doing light stretches and I have this feeling of peace come over me. I am digging this. We lay there for about 15min and then Kiki comes in to start the class. Right, I haven’t done anything yet.

For every pose, Kiki offers a modified pose. Some poses I can do without the modified pose and some I need the modified pose. Oh man, it is hot in here. Then, I feel a cool breeze and I am not sure where it is coming from but then I realize, the breeze is coming from Louise. Keep breathing on me Louise, please! I have sweat everywhere. It’s in my eyes. I can’t see. I wipe the sweat away and keep plugging through. There was only one pose I couldn’t fully do so I went into child’s pose which I didn’t take as a failure but a well deserved break. We are now in the last few minutes where we meditate. Which I took the opportunity to actually do instead of thinking in my head how long we had to lay there for.

The 60 minute class is now over and I am feeling pretty fantastic, calm and connected. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt that good.

Although I was feeling good, I was a little self conscious of my “moves” in the studio but upon my departure, I saw their chalkboard out front and it said “We are here for the practice, not the performance.”  That was exactly what I needed to read.

A huge thank you to Kiki and the entire team at Moksha Yoga! I will definitely be doing that again.

Now all I need is a shower and an avocado.

Peace out homies.

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