Who is Mentoring Who?

Here I am again, proud to say back this year as one of the first mentors for Team Myles Truro (TMT).

As 2017 was the first year Team Myles was held in Truro, we (the first ambassadors) did not have one-on-one mentors.  We had wonderful on-line support from the Halifax Team but just not quite the same as meeting face-to-face, so I was very passionate about signing up to be a mentor for 2018 but I was a bit unsure if I was up to the challenge.  I totally enjoyed running with the team last year and completing the Blue Nose, beating my goal by a few seconds. But by the time June rolled around and the weather was getting hot I gave up running.  When the fall arrived and the weather was cooler I had lost all interest in running.  So when it was time to sign up for the 2018 season the thoughts running through my mind were; how will I ever keep up with the new runners, how can I encourage them to run when I can’t even run myself?  But I did it, I applied and here I am today so thankful I did.  I have 3 wonderful co-mentors.  We are responsible for the Sunday group run. We pick the perfect location for our run depending on trail conditions, weather conditions, etc., and we make sure at least one of us is able to attend the Sunday run to support our ambassadors.

Now that we have completed week 5 and moving into week 6, I realize there was no need to doubt myself as a mentor, it’s all part of  being a team.  I don’t have to keep up with the fastest runners, that’s why we have more than one mentor and our speedy couch Alvin.  I’m benefiting as much from this as the ambassadors, I’m improving and getting stronger each week along side them.

There’s no making excuses to not show up on Tuesday evening and Sunday morning as there are ambassadors counting on a mentor to be there.   This has certainly made me more accountable.  I’m so fortunate to have team mates that can meet to get out at least once more through the week for a run, usually up and down the hills through Victoria Park.  Also my very good friend joined TMT this year as an ambassador and she encourages (makes) me attend the Goodlife Fitness Body Pump class 3 times a week at 6:00 a.m. (I wouldn’t get up that early for just anyone).

So fellow TMT mates, whether you know it or not you are also mentoring me and I am so thankful for that.  Let’s make the next six weeks unforgettable, let’s giv’er!



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