Time for Fundraising!

Team Myles isn’t just about the training and the actual running. We volunteer with the Bluenose Marathon, and we raise money with the Scotiabank Charity Challenge.

There are a few charities that are close to home for me. Great causes like┬áThe Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, and many Cancer reasearch charities made it hard to choose a cause to support. However I’ve decided that the Heart & Stroke Foundation will be the charity I would like to support.

As mentioned in my first blog, this year is the 10 year anniversary of my fathers passing. With previous heart issues, in September 2008 my father passed away of a heart attack. I was age 15 at the time.

He was the life of the party, and a friend to everyone. So it’s no surprise that this September there will celebrations in his honour, and in his memory.

He and mom always encouraged my sister and I to try new things and new experiences, even if we protested. Team Myles is exactly like something he would have supported me and pushed me into doing, and true to form, I wasn’t too sure about it to start. However like all the other experiences, minus sailing, I have come to truely enjoy it.

I doubt he would believe that I would choose to run up and down a hill, at night, in high winds and rain, by choice last night. But I did, and I know he would be proud of how far I’ve come.

When you have hard tasks in front of you, it is a good feeling to have a driving goal, or a driving force behind you. Something motivating you, and pushing you to the end. Dad you will be that for me.

So far my training has shown me the 10k is doable, and so my goal now is to get a time under 60mins, for Bill.

In part I’ve decided to get that ball rolling for September, and in his honour and memory I’d like my 10k to be dedicated to him. So please donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in honour of Bill Jack.


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