Taking Back the Park

Since moving to Halifax Point Pleasant was always my happy place and where I would go to do my best thinking when I needed to sort things out in my brain. In 2015 I used to walk Point Pleasant every Saturday and Sunday that time allowed. I was battling through dealing with my Mom’s dementia diagnosis and in among my walks there were lots of tears shed on the various benches along the way or sitting on the rocks by the water as I tried to work through the grief of losing the Mom I knew for 36 years as the disease run its course and was taking away from her the memories, the familiarity and all that she and I shared. I was also heading toward what I call my rock bottom. I was eating my emotions and putting back on the 50lbs I had lost in 2014; I was in a shitty relationship and just was struggling to find my way out of the funk I was in.

In 2016 and 2017 I hardly went to the park, maybe 2-3 times between both of those years. My once beloved happy place became a strong reminder of all of the battles of 2015. Saturday I was able to take back my beloved park and it was the first time I felt joy in being back there and it was also where I finally felt I hit my stride with this running thing and believing I just might be able to do this. Of the 8 5:1s I did four full ones and nearly a fifth, which was no small feat for me given I hadn’t run since the 3:1s because of having food poisoning.

Team Myles has helped me get back my happy place, it’s helping me spread my wings to new challenges, first with running and second with the hot yoga. It is a mark of how far I have come with my weight loss (104.2 pounds and counting), but most importantly it’s a mark of how far I have come mentally and in adopting a growth mindset. I am so very thankful for this experience and for all of you being so encouraging. <3

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