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I am at the precipice of hitting my 10k mark. On Week 2 of couch to 10k and week 6 of Team Myles. I hit 9.40k yesterday, 5 min walk, three 15min runs with two 1 minute walk intervals, and a 5 min cool down. 9.40k in 57mins!

I never thought I would be at this stage right now. Normally my pessimistic side would be waiting for the other shoe to drop. But after this Sundays motivational speaker Tina, im able to push pass that voice!

She talked to us abut how to overcome mental stress and anxiety through positive thinking and actions. How to be a #DIME. Not just in running, but in life. How to push passed those negative feelings and thoughts and to change your energy to come through the other side.

For someone who works everyday to keep a handle on depression and social anxiety, these tools have been great to hear. Some of them I’ve heard before, but often it’s who’s telling you it, and if you are emotionally open to hear it. Tina was motivating, exciting, and energetic; a total #DIME. Her energy makes you want to be on her level. She also kept it real, you can’t always be a 10. Sometimes life gets you down to those 1’s and 2’s. It’s about taking in those feelings, and knowing your way back to being a 10. Don’t be complacent, work your way back.

Running is doing that for me. I am more confident, happy, and content with my decisions and the way things are moving. So on my run yesterday when I kept thinking about the time, I smiled and pushed my chest out, and my energy completely changed. Thoughts went to: I can do this, instead of my legs hurt. My mind went from: how much time is left, to should I increase my speed and push myself harder? They may seem like small physical changes, but they made the world of a difference.

Support like this is just why I wanted to be apart of Team Myles. It’s not just about the physical training. You get so much more when it comes to emotional encouragement . I don’t just see it for myself, I see it everyday, with every post on our group page. Everyone gets the help they need, from the coaches with tips and sage advice, to mentors cheering every ambassador on, to ambassadors cheering each other on with every accomplishment, and struggle. That kind of support is what makes you feel like you can do anything. You guys are motivated, excited, and energetic. #DIMES. You all make me want to be on your level. So like a #Dime, I confidently signed up for the Valley Harvest half marathon. No hesitation; I’m no 5.

Shoutout to everyone, you are all #DIMES.

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