She keeps me moving!

Hard to believe we are already finishing up week 5. Tuesday we will begin week 6 with 8x 6:1’s. Each week gets a bit harder, but with that challenge comes greater reward. Today, I finished 8km during our Sunday group run. I am not going to lie, it was HARD! I was just not feeling 100% this morning my head felt funny and my legs felt like bricks. Had I been running by myself I am positive I would have given up and walked home after the third interval. Luckily, I had my mama by my side today which meant no giving up. I complained a few times but there was no stopping, I finished that run strong.



We are easily identified by our matching pink jackets (the matching happens a lot aside from the pink jackets, not intentional!) I am so grateful that my mom has taught me to never give up. When things get hard, keep pushing through. When things crumble down, she is always there to help me get back up. I am excited to run the BlueNose with my mom (if I can keep up!).

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