Nervous Nelly

This has been a good week so far but I’m still a little nervous. This weekend I strung together 2 great runs – a great short run on Saturday with my Mentor, Alisha and a great long run on Sunday with “Speedy Gonzales” Marsha where I not only got all my intervals completed but I cut a minute off my pace! Monday night I joined Brian at the gym to do some weight training which felt amazing and I was still running high from our great presentation at LifeMark by Jill Payne. I was feeling like a DIME for sure!

So why the nerves?

I have had arthritis since I was a child and many years of playing sports (with probably not the best of equipment) left my knees and hips feeling every movement and sounding like Rice Krispies. My joints started hurting from day one but after some great advice from Coach Leanne and a shortened stride, it felt better and I pushed on. Last week my right knee has started to be a little achy. Nothing some pain killers couldn’t fix so I ignored and kept on. Saturday after my short run, a little more sore, Sunday after our long run, a lot more sore and yesterday on my way into my building climbing the stirs, buckled a little and shooting pain…, I took last night to rest and ice even though the rest of my pod went out for a great run in the beautiful sunshine.

So there are the nerves – please let this be a blip. Please let this be something I can fix without falling behind. Leanne is going to apparently tape me up to within an inch of my life tonight on the hill and we’ll see what happens. I need happy thoughts and positive vibes folks! Send me all you can spare. I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve been feeling this past week. 5 weeks to race day and I want to cross that line pain free!

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