Kicking it up a knotch

Well here we are week 6. I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I started. I still have room to go but I will get there.

This past week has been extremely satisfying. Finally feeling like I can open up and get to know the people around me on this journey. I mean some of them are pretty awesome to listen to and some I haven’t had the pleasure of even saying hi. In the next few weeks I am going to make an effort to change that.

I am heading out on a vacay but ahwn I get back I am going full tilt. I mean I will be running and working out on vacation but to actually make the change I am looking for in my life I need to make it haopen.

I have all the tools and support a person could ever wish for for this journey. Now to get them all going.

I can’t wait to work on my food. It is my heart, soul and my worst enemy. Meal prep and understanding more of what my body needs and when. I need to listen to the most important person on tbis journey…….. me. I had spend so long just “making it work”. I have been shamefully embaressed to say No my body can’t have that. Coming to terms with my allergies has been beyond difficult. A whole lot tougher than it should ever have been. But, that was me. I made things difficult. I made my body suffer when it didn’t have to.

It is time to kick up a knotch and make thw most of my journey.

I have got this!!!!!

Whwn you can't safely eat the buffet but your team can LOL

When you can’t safely eat the buffet but your team can LOL

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