I’m gonna kick this 10ks a**!

Got in a good run today! Ran about a good 30 minutes at the beginning without breaks!! (Minus waiting for a few lights at some intersections so I could go) which way surpassed my goal of being able to run for 12 minutes straight. A few hills, not too steep though and then gave er’ at the very end when heading home. After getting past the first thirty minutes I had some hills to go up so I took a few more walking breaks this the end. Needless to say I’m happy about how things are progressing!

One thing for sure is that it goes by quicker when running with others lol looking at my fitness tracker and seeing I was only 2.5km in when it felt like I should be at almost 5km really sucked

Hoping to get in a few more long runs and one or two 10ks in before the big day.

Lets Give er’!!69BFB82B-21F9-4BA3-BEF0-EB6F705A29D9

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