I think I might be ready for race weekend …. :)

Last night Team Truro started 8:1s!

I had already walked 4km with my mom about 2 hours before so I was not feeling up to running for 8 mins!

One of our Ambassadors, Jeanette; wasn’t either. Mentor Lorraine and I ran 5kms worth of 4:1s with her! That was enough running for me for the evening! HAHA I did however walk back out and meet up with the other group who were doing longer runs than we were.

One ambassador Cathy, got her first 10k in last night!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!


Not gonna lie she totally inspired me to get my butt out there for my long run as the furthest I’ve ran this year is 8kms on a treadmill at Goodlife.

I woke up this morning with the temp outside already being nearly 10 degrees!!!

Couldn’t waste that!!!

So I got ready and headed out the door with intentions of completing 10kms. I wasn’t sure what interval I was going to do at first but I decided on 3:1s and would run through my walks occasionally (except that didn’t happen) the 3:1s were SOOO long to me (I really enjoy having someone to talk to while running – it makes the time pass so much quicker)

I ran into Victoria Park

and through town until I reached 5kms at 43:24 I might add.. a PB for this year!

Too bad I wasn’t finished there!

I had to get home…


I made it to my moms work at 7km and was dying for a drink (I didn’t take my water belt today cause I’m experimenting with the hydration effects of my AllMax CARBion+ which works really well as I didn’t feel really thirsty until about that 5km mark)

I quickly got a drink and headed on my way. Except this stupid put a damper in my route and I had to back track a little to avoid standing and waiting for the train to pass.

I had to run around my block a bit and add in a hill sprint to get to my 10km mark but

I DID IT!!!!!

This is the longest run I’ve done since my half marathon last year and hurting my knee. I could defiantly feel some tension in my knee even with KT Tape on it. I’ll defiantly be foam rolling tonight and taking a couple days off from running to cross train before our run & brunch on Sunday! YAY FOOD

I feel super excited and proud to have finished 10km in just under 1:30!

Can not wait to train more and make a better time for Blue Nose Weekend!

Time for some lunch and a hot bath to relax these legs!

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  1. CindyApril 25, 2018 at 3:46 pm #

    You go girl xo

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