Hitting Goals!

Less than 4 weeks till the big race and I’m getting excited by the goals that are reached and in reach!

Moreover seeing everyone else posting about hitting their goals, reaching new times, seeing improvements. It’s what makes thhis group so great. When others hit their goals it makes you want to hit yours.

On Sunday, after a long week of training already, Coach Jeanette pushed me. It was our first run on most of the route for race day, over the bridge. This city is all hills, and the bridge is the worst. We were doing a 72 minute run, some doing the interval training, some stopping when needed. I had already clocked 3ok+ prior to this run during the week, and my body was feeling it. At the 8k mark I was ready to throw in the towel. But Jeanette said no, we are hitting 10k. Walk, run, moaning, we were going to make 10k, and she wasn’t letting me off. So we kept running, taking breaks when I needed. I did it! 10k in 61 minutes!

My goal for race day is anything under 60minutes. The goal is in reach! I couldn’t be happier, or more determined!

Not only are the running goals in reach! I’ve hit some personal goals. Training and eating better has help me shed some weight. I’ve gone from 240lbs to 205lbs since the new year started. Actually fitting into size 36 pants. The last time I fit into 36 pants was maybe 6th Grade. 5 years ago I was size 48. 12inch difference. When I started my weight loss years ago I have tried to limit goals, as with weight loss I’ve often found that when I’m not reaching them it discourages me to continue. So I dont check my weight until I’m feeling happy with the results im seeing. I’ve always subconsciously had a goal in mind of a waistline around 34-36. I’m here! It is a personal win.

On top of that I’ve reached my Scotiabank Charity Challenge goal! Which wouldn’t have been possible without every sponsor! Thank you to all who have donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation by sponsoring my run, in honour of my Dad. With all donations we have raised over $2000 in honour of him! It truely is appreciated, and just another drive to hit the under 60min mark on race day. I have to keep this momentum up.

Looking forward to the next Sunday run, I need to work on overcoming that bridge!

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