Hills Night Success

I have to say, getting out of the car last night in the pouring rain to run up and down a hill I despise turned out to be the hardest part of the night! It was grey and the rain was so cold and my weather app promised a thunder and lightning show that I just hoped was not going to strike me down just as I hit the top of the hill. But my little pod and I walked up the hill for our warm up run complaining the whole way.

And then we started to run (well jog) and I know at least one of my pod-mates was working really hard just to SLOW his pace down enough to keep pace with me….but they did. And last night was the first time I made it around the entire top of Citadel Hill without having to stop. That may not sound like a big deal. It’s apparently 1km in total (someone measured it) but that was something I never thought was possible. And I celebrated it – and my team and the coaches celebrated with me.

I rode that high through 14 reps of hill intervals and finished them all with my team and I felt great when we were done. It was a good night. I feel energized for the rest of the week and our long run on Sunday. I sat in my car for a while with my sneakers and socks on the dash trying to dry them out then off to my dodgeball semifinals where we also kicked butt.

It was a great night! I’ll be riding this high for a while to come!

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