Hills Hills Hills Hills!

I have to say there have been a few rough runs in the mix and times I doubted the progress I was making. But tonight’s hill night was just one of those runshill night win

where everything goes smoothly and you just have your head in the game (plus the nice weather didn’t hurt!).

Although they might not be as lofty as other team member’s milestones or goals, tonight was the first night I ran the warm up loop across citadel hill without stopping. I might not have ran at my full speed, but I did manage to run the entire 1.1 KM in under 10 mins without stopping. Might not sound like much, but only a month ago I couldn’t run to catch a bus.

Building off that mini victory I kept running and did the full 15 sets of running for the full interval AND running each interval UP HILL.

Tonight’s run came off the back of a productive meeting with the other Amanda at life mark about nutrition and fueling. Turns out I need to start eating more, and more frequently to stop running at a deficit which is fine by me. I am hoping the increase in food will help keep my following runs as good as this one!

Bonus: Tonight on the way home, I did run for a bus and I almost caught it and left my dinning companion in the dust.

The moral is sometimes you don’t see progress, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

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