Getting out of my own Head

This morning’s run started off rough. I couldn’t find my Bluetooth headphones before coming to the run, which rattled me because I don’t like listening to my own breath when running. I find it throws me off and slows me down. Once I got running on the concrete, which is the worst thing for my knee and hamstring to run on, I was aggravated and to top things off, my trail running shoes which do awesome in the park and actually are great on Citadel Hill, are not a great fit for concrete. Lesson learned, I need to wear my “indoor” running shoes going forward as they can handle concrete and treadmills with a lot less aggravation. I also had to stop early on to stretch my calves out. All of this is just set me off on the wrong foot and aggravated me.

With all that whining out of the way – this is why I so love being apart of this team. Christina and Carly’s encouragement helped to get be back on track and I started to come into my own once I turned onto North street and set my sights on the bridge. As we were going over the bridge, I ran into someone I went to University with who is training for the half marathon which was a nice surprise. And as I was working my way to get half way across the bridge, some of the others were on their way back and all of the high fives and words of encouragement helped me keep going.

I was able to get out of my head because of all of your support. I am so thankful to be part of this team and I cannot wait to cross the finish line in four weeks and celebrate with all of you.

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