Feeling Run-derful!!

Run-derful; Similar to Wonderful- how you feel the minute after you finish your run.                                I am going to keep this blog short and sweet!     Today, I felt runderful!! Today was a Sunday group run. We are up to 64 minutes of running. Every time I look at that number I’m still in shock I can run for over an hour. But, I guess I am a runner now?!  Today was COLD. I was tired and didn’t want to leave my warm, cozy bed but I bundled up and headed out. I managed to hit 9km today. Longest run I ever did! That 10km is so close I can taste it!! My favourite part of today is on the way back near the end of the run, everyone is sweaty and struggling to finish but we still manage to cheer each other on. Today I heard so many “good jobs” and “keep going, you got this!”, which I tried to reply to in between catching my breath. This is what keeps me going. No matter what the pace/distance/interval is, we are all in this together. I am ready to tackle week 7 with this amazing team.                                    79FA0EB6-F69A-40D0-A687-D4D92E76DDCF         27A9217C-918D-48D9-9FC7-E9629C369A85                     

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