Feeling Energized

Today is the beginning of week 8 and there are so many wonderful things happening for everyone on Team Myles 2018, individuals are reaching 10K before the run and it is so awesome to see. Watching runners exceed their own expectations, and to be able to be a witness to it, I am grateful to be a part of it. Today’s run was the first Sunday we started running the route, and it felt amazing. Part of the route is going over the MacDonald Bridge and I thought there is no way I can make it, huge steep hill leading up to and over the bridge. However, I took it slow and steady and it was doable, I wanted to be faster, and try harder, but if you want to finish without stopping it is best to be slow and listen to your body. We will see what this week brings, I am getting stronger and stronger each week, even though the past two weeks have been extremely miserable, wet and cold (as I have said in many posts – I am a weather girl), it was difficult to get through the weeks, with not as much training as I should have done. I have started to experience some numbness and pain in my right foot, I will have to see what that is all about. Hopefully nothing too serious. I am a bit awe struck to the fact that we only have three training weeks left before the big race, a tad overwhelming. I know I am not alone is this, and that takes away a lot of stress/worry, when I have such an amazing team behind me every step of the way. Everyone cheers you on, it is incredible to see how far we have come as a team, a second family. I have two more video blogs for this week. These videos are totally off the cuff and as real as it gets pre/post run. Once this is all over, I will have to listen to them from start to finish to see how far I have come (I do not re-listen to them – so to be honest I don’t really remember what I say – hahahaha).

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