Don’t you dare compare!

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. Worrying that your are not measuring up to your peers, or feeling left out.
Last year I found I was comparing myself to too many strangers on the internet. I followed all these people that seemingly had their lives together. They had tons of time to work out, eat right, spend time with family, AND went out with friends constantly.
I just couldn’t measure up to all those expectations…
6 months or so ago I was watching a show, and one of the guests was talking about how to live your happiest life. One of his tips really stood out to me.
“Stop comparing yourself to strangers on the internet. If following said person makes you happy, brings you joy, carry on. But if another makes you stop and think your life would be better if only you had/did X, Y or Z, remove them.”
Ugh! Yes! I needed to hear that! So for the next few days, every time I saw someone post something that didn’t make me happy for them, but rather disappointed in myself I deleted them. It was so freeing! I just wanted to live my best life, and do it my way.

I was beyond ecstatic to hear I’d  be part of a Team Myles again this year.  Help a bunch of newbies learn how to run, and incorporate more activity into they daily lives.
But I found I was starting to comparing myself to others again… And feeling like I wasn’t measuring up. I love seeing different members do so many activities out side of our scheduled 2 group runs a week. I am so happy for them. Truly! Proud even!
Yet why do I feel like I don’t measure up?
I don’t have much free time to do extra classes. My work schedule is jam packed, and I work late most nights. Therefore unable to join in after work fitness classes. And I can’t seem to get my butt in gear early enough for the morning ones either.

I am currently flying through the air, headed home for a quick visit, and as I sit in silence I realised this was my first moment in I don’t know how long to just be.
I don’t have anything to do for the next hour and a half but relax, nap , or read.
*insert sigh of relief here*

20 mins in it starts…  Shoot. I didn’t bring my running gear… maybe I’ll just borrow stuff from mom.  Actually , when will I have time? I’ll just take the next 4 days off. I deserve it.
But I ate 3 Krispy kreme doughnuts yesterday (thank you Children’s Wish!) So I need to do something! Anything!  Everyone is going to do their 6:1’s Sunday and I’m going to miss it… Wonder how the yoga class a few of them went to this week was? I really wanted to go for a run with my sister in law, can’t believe I forgot my running shoes…
STOP! Oh. My. God! Just stop! Melissa! Geeze!
I am doing the best I can, with the time i have!

I know I am not alone in this kind of thinking, and I just want to tell you what I’m telling myself. STOP! You ARE doing  enough. You ARE doing your best. It’s your race and your pace. Don’t forget that.

As I type this I feel a weigh lifting off my shoulders, much like it did last year.  I am doing what I can and that’s ok.
For all you mamas out there, shift workers, and anyone else who is just plain busy, you are doing great! We can’t do it all, so just do what you can and be happy with that.
It doesn’t matter if you run the 10k in 45min or 2hrs. Or even if you end up walking the 5k, what matters is that you are out and moving when you can.
Don’t worry , I won’t be deleting any of you -haha! Just know that even though I don’t have time to do all the extra stuff, I am cheering you on from the sidelines. Happy for you, and proud of you. #TEAMMYLES2018 is definitly kicking butt this year!

Ok. Back to just be-ing and relaxing.

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