Crazy Committed

Have you been called a crazy runner yet? If not, don’t be surprised if it happens and if/when it does, please take it as a compliment :)

Crazy for running in snow/hail/rain.
Crazy for running when it’s really hot out.
Crazy for running at the crack of dawn.
Crazy for running late at night after a long day.
Crazy for running/training so much in one week.
Crazy for turning down a movie/night out etc because you have to train.
Crazy for going to bed early on a Friday/Saturday night to run the next day.
Crazy for running on next to no sleep.
Crazy for running while on vacation.

I could go on and on but you get the gist.

Last week I was in Cuba on vacation. I worked out officially 3 times while away but also walked everyday and did a 3K walk in the sand the last day which if my ankles had anything to say about it is definitely a workout. My flight landed apx 4am on Saturday, I was home by 5am, then up at 8am to run a 5K race at 10am that morning. My boyfriend told me I’m crazy haha He didn’t mean it as a negative thing. He’s proud of me and supports me but it got me thinking of how many times I’m sure people hear these things and they could be misinterpreted or could be said in a negative way (depending who says it or how they say it).

My response is that yah, I’m crazy, I’m crazy committed.

I had signed up for an event, an event I really like and love supporting. Unless I was physically unable to attend I was going to be there. If I had to walk the whole 5K I would have, and I went there with no goal other then to do it. I didn’t know how my body would respond after a week of vacation but I was able to run it! No it wasn’t my fastest 5K but I was consistent and steady and had fun doing it! I made a commitment and was determined to see it through. Sometimes being stubborn isn’t such a bad thing.

One of the best things about Team Myles is the accountability and amazing people that come into your life. When your accepted onto Team Myles you make a commitment. Assuming life doesn’t throw you an obstacle that takes you out (injuries suck and sometimes it’s not possible) you are in, 100%. Your life is now completely flipped upside down. Your friends and family, although happy for you may have a hard time adjusting to your new self. But being a part of this Team is that reminder that you are worth it. You are a part of a team. You are supported and you are committed. So please, if you get any negative energy thrown your way for taking control of your life in a positive way brush it off and remember that you are worth this.

Be crazy. Be crazy committed.

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