Blog 5 – Back at ‘er 

After being sidelined with bruised chest muscles after a fall two weeks ago, my doctor cleared me to do some 1:1s and encouraged me to keep exercising.

For Sunday’s group run, Team Myles Truro (TMT!) met at Lifemark on the Esplanade to do some 5:1s, and although I knew I wouldn’t be keeping up, I find that running (or walking) in a group makes me more likely to push myself.
I decided to try a 5:1 just to see if I could do it, and to stick with the group for the first little bit. I did it! Then I tried another and went back to 1:1s… which still gave us a 6 km run! Yay!
Thanks to Lorraine for timing the 1:1s and sticking with me; very much appreciated. My mentor, Tracy, stayed with me for last Tuesday’s “run” which I had to walk, but we still went almost 5k! The mentors really make such a huge difference, especially to those of us who need a little more guidance or a little slower pace. I might be slow, but I’ll get there!
Lorraine and I after our 6 km run/walk Sunday morning.

Lorraine and I after our 6 km run/walk Sunday morning.


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