Behind in My Mind

After missing two weeks of hills and long runs and seeing everyone’s successes, I have felt incredibly behind in this process.  I have the jitters for Sunday because the last long run I was at we did 6:1 and that felt hard for me.. now to add 3 more minutes to my run. “I’m so behind, I’m so behind!” I kept telling myself yesterday.. I reached out to my POD as well as Kristen to express my concerns and got hit with some serious #facts that sent my self doubting to a screeching hault.

Kim; “I have felt behind this entire process. Chances are you are behind some and infront of others”

In those few words Kim redefined the word “behind” for me. While yes, this program includes a pretty laid out training schedule, the main goal of all the mentors and coaches is to help us reach OUR goals and be the best WE can be.. so why am I comparing myself to others?

“Avery you CAN do 9:1! I know you can, 100%!! The mental game in running is the HARDEST PART. Physically, you can DO THIS! Mentally you just gotta get there as well ❤”

In a short paragraph Melody was able to remind me that I CAN run 9:1, I just have to let myself. I often stop running before I’m out of breathe, before my legs hurt etc because mentally I am not in it! So here comes the time to fix the way I think and allow myself to do those 9 minutes of running no matter how fast I am going.

Thanks to all of the people I’ve reached out to, I feel refreshed. I will go for a run tonight and I WILL hit 9:1s.


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