2nd 10k done!

Hills, rain, side stiches, blisters, and a huge pain in the a**.. thats what this morning was. But it felt so good! Running is something that could cause you so much grief but still feel so good when you’re done. If it wern’t for my other Team Myles members enduring this with me (there may or may not be the fact that there was food afterwards ‍♀️)  I probably would not have been out in the rain running 10k up hill the first half on a Sunday morning. Motivators! Thats what you all are. We keep each other going, keep the others pushing, farther and faster.

Great job guys!! With every step you take putting one foot in front of the other is getting us closer to the finish line! Lets Give er’!


Photo credit : Phylicia Pettis 92B78131-052E-4E96-ABBB-BA981E83E90A

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