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Your race at your pace | Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: Team Myles

Your race at your pace

Working with Infants I am often asked, “When will they crawl? When will they walk? When will they talk?”  the answer is the same to every question every time.  An infant develops at their own pace, there is no rushing or is there a need to hurry them along. As I spend my time with my infants, I am reminded to be patient, pause and allow them to develop at their pace.

I am not sure where the patience and calmness I have for my infants vanished to when I reflected on my own journey into running. The respect I have for my infants directing their pace was not present as I reflected on how I was moving along this journey. I pushed and ignored signals from my own body.

I don’t believe when I signed on that I thought “Oh, I will be able to achieve this overnight”, I knew it would take time and patience but I didn’t act on what I knew. I thought I was but I pushed through what I believed was just knee pain of becoming accustomed  to running. I then felt like a failure and worried that I might be told I could not participate because my knees could not handle it.  I continued to walk (though painful) while the group ran and stressed that I was not measuring up. For two weeks I was instructed to bike, Aleve and ice this was the consequence of not having patience or respect for what my body was telling me.  I was unable to run much less walk without pain. Generally at this point one might give up but I refused to,  although I knew that this was not the way to pursue learning to run.

Thankfully Team Myles has many professionals to help me with my journey, there to give direction and reassurance.  Consulting with Leanne at Lifemark reassured me I could do this but maybe not as the 10 week program but at pace determined by my body. I must be patient and follow it. By doing this I will inevitabley strengthen my body making it stronger, which was my goal in the first place.  My journey is my own, the program sometimes has to be modified for one to complete it but that does not mean you are a failure or that the goal is unachievable.  In my case, it may or may not be completed by Blue Nose weekend but by listening to and respecting my body, it will be completed injury free. The goal is to keep moving and I intend to do just that one step at a time.

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