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So a bit of back story, before starting this wacky journey as a first time Team Myles first time runner, I didn’t run. I really didn’t even exercise to be honest. I play mostly stationary video games from my cozy PC chair and worked a fairly physical job. I ran once, when there was an emergency call at work & I hoped never to have to run again.

But then I took a road trip with Chrissy (one of many fine new mentors on our team) & was trapped in a car listening to the praises of Team Myles, the praising of running and this amazing team of supporters. So when our road trip ended, I sent in an application and figured that was the end of it.

Little did I know I would be accepted into the band of runners and expected to take up the craft of running.

And you know what, after the first week I have to be honest from a self-proclaimed non-runner I did ok. On day 1 I ran longer and faster then I ever thought I could, I even made it about 3/4 of the way before my lungs caught fire. Surprisingly my muscles and legs felt fine, if only my chest got the memo.

After day 1, I went out on my own without supervision and I ran my next set. Anyone who knew me and saw me running in circles around Sullivans Pond in neon jogging gear would have thought I’d be body snatched. That run went well too. I took Leanne’s & others advice to run slower and focus on my breathing instead of the distance, and I was still winded but not exhausted (I was however still very cold, it has been very cold/windy!).

Then the dreaded Hill Night, you know those things all over the city that each year seem to get me breathing more and more just walking up the darn things. Hill night started off, it wasn’t so bad. The first bit of incline I was running and running near the front of the group. I thought maybe I’d learned some new kinda magic spell & leveled up like some kind of paladin. Until we got another 3/4 up the hill and the incline really took off and knocked me back into place.

Still I kept running. It got a bit harder each time we’d hear RUN! and you were looking up the steepest part of Citadel. But we’d Run (slowly). We’d even get a bit of excitement heading down the hill at a walk when another cry of “Run!” would ring out. If anyone was curious, yes running down hill is way easier then running up one.

I was feeling pretty on top of this whole fitness thing and even signed up with our partners at GoodLife Fitness for our free membership. Toured the facility with all the shiny machines and gear. I even attended a class with a team mate Russel, called BodyPump.

Needless to say we had no idea what the class was but figured we’d give it a shot. There seemed to be a mixture of young fit gym bunnies & middle aged folks so we figured we got this. I cannot speak for Russel, but I didn’t have that.

What followed was some kind of masochistic blend of speed aerobics & weight lifting to up beat music and what seemed like a million sets. I thankful had taken the trainers advice to remove some weights from my bar because even with 17lbs I was feeling it. Halfway through I think I dropped to 10lbs. Y’all 60 mins is a long time to do that many reps (and mini reps! those things are the worst).

Needless to say, BodyPump thoroughly kicked my butt. For anyone who has ever played an MMO or any game with leveled areas of play, it felt like when you wondered into an area way outside your current level and you managed to dodge, roll, and pray your way through it. In the middle I felt like a bit of a failure and all I really wanted to do was leave (I mean all these fit people looking at my squishy ass trying to figure out what was happening). I felt mortified.

But I stayed.

When a movement got to be to much, I tried to shake it off. I finished the class and then went on to do my last run of the week downstairs. I did a full 60 min class and then I ran, VOLUNTARILY.

Today, I am sore. BodyPump used some muscles I had honestly forgotten about, and it showed me a bunch of areas I need to improve on. Instead of being defeated, I am going to be motivated. To work hard, lift more, and build up my stamina to maybe go back and keep up.

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