Well sh#t!

So my worst nightmare about this running thing came true. I seriously crashed and burned on hill night. I was nervous all day for what was in store and it was a cold and blustery night on that hill.

It was only going to be 10 minutes, 30 second intervals. I could do this….nope. Not even close. My breathing was painful, and the less air I could get the more panicked I became until I could barely breathe at all. So I walked 3 of my intervals. And I cried while doing it. My damn lungs won’t let me do what the rest of my body wants to do so badly – just run up that damn hill!

Once again Leanne seemed to appear out of nowhere, “remember to breathe. In through your nose and out your mouth. Long slow full breaths.” She offered to stay with me and do my 3 missed intervals at the end of the evening. So Leanne, Jeanette and I hit the hill once again and I finished my 10 minutes. And I cried again.

I am forever grateful that Leanne and Jeanette both gave of their own time to encourage me up and down that hill. They even let me swear a little between the tears.

Hill night sucks. I’m going to bed now.

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