Truro’s First Group Run Tonight!

First group run tonight so I took the day off to prepare! ¬†Spent the morning making a new playlist and going through Danielle’s power point about blogging ūüôā ¬†So this will be a test for me. ¬†I’ve never blogged before and also never run in windy cold conditions. ¬†Every spring I take up running, usually get comfortable at 5k and keep that going until the fall. ¬†Then cold weather comes and I quit my running gig. ¬†It has been my goal to run a 10k race for the past 2 years and a variety of excuses have kept me from doing so. ¬†I am still skeptical that it will happen in May, but I am willing to put in the work required and do what the coaches and mentors ask of me. ¬†Tonight is the beginning of an exciting journey! ¬†Can’t wait!!!

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