So this is Christma…Err, I mean, this is TEAM MYLES 2018!

Hey it’s me, Kristen and I am back for another round of Team Myles as a Mentor for the 2018 team. I couldn’t be more stoked to be apart of this incredible program that changed my physical and mental health in ways I never knew possible.

On Sunday we kicked off the season with our first training day. As we all gathered as a group before we started our run, our Head Coach asked the other Coaches and the Mentors to speak about their favourite part of what they got out of Team Myles 2017. At this moment my mind started to wander. I had gotten so much out of this program. I went from not being able to run for more than 30 seconds to running without stopping for one hour and 18 minutes (My Bluenose time), I was wanting and craving to get to the gym each day and following the program given to us, I looked forward to Hills nights, the long runs, the brunches, the photo ops but most of all, my favourite memory of TM 2017 was meeting my soul mates. I met friends that became family. As I am thinking about all of this, I am also looking around the group at all of this years Ambassadors and thinking “these people have no idea that their lives are about to change.”

After we introduce ourselves, our coaches bring us to start the run. We are doing 20 minutes of 1:1’s. Run one minute and walk one minute. Seems easy enough but if you haven’t really run before or are out of shape like I was, one minute feels like an ETERNITY! So I am following the group, we are walking then the team starts running, so I start running. Then after what feels like more than a minute I yell to Alisha (Mentor) and ask if she was keeping time because it felt much longer than a minute and she yelled back “This is just the warm up, Kristen!” Ohhhhh, I would’ve known that if I was listening. I need to listen.

We ran as a group that day and it was nice to get to chat with some of the ambassadors and get to know them a bit. I could tell they didn’t really want to talk while they were running because I sure as heck didn’t. I know now why our coaches and mentors talked to us while we thought we were dying,it was to make sure we were okay. To quote Leanne Huck  “If you can still talk even if it hurts, you are pushing yourself the right amount.”

I don’t know exactly what this year will bring to all of us, but one thing I do know is; we will only get out of it what we put in and going all in is so incredibly worth it.

Here we go, yo!

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One Response to “So this is Christma…Err, I mean, this is TEAM MYLES 2018!”

  1. Moira E.March 7, 2018 at 3:06 am #

    Hooray! 😀 I loved reading your posts last season and now I can’t wait to follow along this season. Your blog posts are really a delight to read. I love how they always have an underlying message or insight – how to put it? Your running is a symptom of something even more AMAZING. So wonderful that you will mentor other women along the way, too – lucky ladies!

    I’ll be there bright and early on Bluenose morning in May to cheer you and your whole team!

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