So. Many. Hills!

If you’ve ever walked or run around the HRM you learn pretty quick how hilly this province is!

I moved to my new neighborhood last summer, and although I know my usual route was pretty hilly, I never really noticed it much. Until today!

I haven’t run much since December. Maybe once a week. And it’s always been somewhere else than my neighborood. But today I decided to lace up  and hit my old route. I didn’ want to go due to the INSANE winds out there, but knowing my other teammates were doing it, i made myself go.

What did I learn from today’s run? I NEED TO START HILL TRAINING AGAIN! Holy moly! I could barely make it up some of them! And to think , 3 short months ago I barely noticed them!

Tomorrow night is out first night running up and down Citadel Hill. And although it seems daunting, it’ amazing how much it’ll do for your daily runs!

Can’t wait to see all the terrifies faces tomorrow night! (Insert evil laugh here!)



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