Lowest to Highest yet in one run

I am so comfy and warm

I am so comfy and warm

Workin it

Workin it

Well today was a hell of a day. I started today not wanting to get out of bed on another cloudy dreary day and ended it more proud of myself than I have been in ages.

I didn’t want to run today but I had been super lazy the last couple of days and was feeling guilty so I got up got dressed and headed to point pleasant park.

It was a smaller group today with the holiday but it was a great group. I started my run like any other but we took tge path of hills. I crushed the first one and then ran out of steam. The second one kicked my ass and the third knocked my legs out. I was in bad shape. My legs were screaming for me to stop.

Finally, I listened. I stopped at the next bench and streched them out a few times each. Just as I was finished Christina, a mentor, came along and asked me to join her for the last leg. I went with her.

We chatted about things as we ran along. One point she said “do you realize you have stopped your intervals?”. I hadn’t. I had run a full 8 minutes and felt great! So, I didn’t change any part of what I was doing and we continued along.

I made it to the end of our time and felt great. I was proud that I had come out and finished.

Christina took a video and asked me how I felt about running a solid 20 minutes. Yeah, you read that right 20 freaking minutes!!!!!!!!

I was excited. It wasn’t until after our group photo that I realized what I had just ackomplished. I had ran a solif 20 minutes. I had to sit down and have a cry, the emotions were too much to hold in. I am proud of myself. I didn’t realize Christina had seen me. She gave me a hug and we cried together.

With Team Myles you are never alone and until today I didn’t realize that completely.

I had another moment when I got in my car to leave see it here on my YouTube video. https://youtu.be/aqMVtjB77GA

Next up is yoga……. I feel like it is good I have great heath insurance because this could go bad LOL

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