It’s more than just running…

One could quickly assume that once you’ve been selected for Team Myles everything is great and wonderful. The only hard part about all of this is running. False.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the running, yeah it’s not easy! I never expected it would be…but Team Myles is so much more than running. It’s been demonstrated by my fellow teammates and bloggers that signing up for this is in itself was a huge leap. I know it was for me, I would NEVER have done this before! Most of us (coaches, mentors and team mates) have had our struggles with anxiety, depression, weight gain & loss etc. So this is obviously an amazing place to turn when you’re looking to get healthy, push yourself to do something new, meet amazing people and just crush it.

I mean it’s almost too good to be true, you have all these crazy healthy active and supportive people coaching you along to be the best you and run like a machine. There are so many perks (SWAG!) that you would think it’s going to be a piece of cake, just show up and run. But it’s not. You have to work hard and want it, in the group runs, at work, at home, and on your own time. This is where I struggle. I tried to set myself up to succeed with meal planning, healthy portions and smart snacking. I gave up all the things I love, chips, beer and the couch (R.I.P old friends) and went into this new challenge ready.

So, this first week for me had a great start, and then Thursday came. I had some stomach issues and decided to take the day. It was ok, it was just one day…and the weather is bad…and I hadn’t had a rest day yet, I’ll do it tomorrow I told myself. Friday…absolute waste. I ate everything I could get my hands on. No hearty salads with lean proteins and fruit. Try a family serving of Perogies (God they were good!) yeah that’s right. A whole bag. Of course then I still had stomach issues so I couldn’t possibly run…and the excuses continued.

Saturday I decided on a whim I’d go for a run while the weather was nice. I didn’t eat properly and hydrate before. I didn’t properly warm up and I wasn’t in the headspace. My mind and body did the only thing they could on my 6th set of 2:1 half way up the hill….stop. My legs were heavy, my shins burned and my chest heaved. In that moment I gave up. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t cry (despite wanting to), but I instead realized I couldn’t just wing it, I couldn’t just quit and make excuses. I have done that for far too long, isn’t that why I’m here?

Needless to say I had my epiphany. Now is my time to get back to feeling like me, to push myself and find that drive I have so been craving! No more excuses. There are people dedicating their time and energy to be out there in the cold, running up hills and checking in on me when I’m sure they all have much better things to be doing! I owed it to my teammates to get my act together, put on my big girl panties and get it right!

I couldn’t wait for this morning. I woke up with a plan. Breakfast was light and healthy, perfect for fuelling my body, my mind was ready. I had my pre-run beats on in my car and shoulder danced my entire way to Point Pleasant. It was exactly what I needed to see everyone on Team Myles huddled in the parking lot with their smiles on. Everyone asked how I was doing, and how my solo run went. I was honest, I told on myself and it felt great. I got the honest and genuine support I needed and went about my clean slate new day.

“You’re going to have days like that! Just keep going!” I was told and off we went.

Not to brag, but I crushed my run.


Thanks everyone!

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