I made it!

I am so far out of my comfort zone, I can’t even see the line anymore….

Sunday morning I woke up and fought off all 1, 423 excuses that flew through my panicked brain as to why I could not get my butt into Halifax to do my first Team Myles run. I got dressed in clothes and layers that were foreign to me, got in my car and headed for the south end. By the time I got there the butterflies had tired themselves out so I got out of the car and joined the rest of my teammates with our own terrified thoughts.

Our mentors and coaches rallied the troops, gave us the pep talk we all needed, calmed a few thousand frayed nerves and off we went. Interval training is a God-send but I can promise you that the “run minute” equals about 85 seconds and the “walk minute” only 26 seconds (I counted – for real). I managed to do the first 3-4 intervals at an ok clip…then the cold Atlantic wind reminded me that for someone with asthma, running was a silly idea. I started sucking wind and barking. Leanne heard my bark (who didn’t) and quickly sidled up along side to have a chat – she calmed me down, had me slow my pace, just a little and reminded me to breathe (easier said than done) but I did what she said….and I finished. I ran every minute I was supposed to run and finished with the biggest smile on my face! I made it!

The gusting wind today is chasing me inside to Goodlife but my pod will hold me to it and expects a full report (and photo evidence)! Tomorrow night is hill night – and I’m terrified again….

Until tomorrow!


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