I can see for Myles and Myles…

Good evening runners, potential runners, and people creeping Facebook! One group run down, and one coming up tomorrow, so it seemed like the ideal time for Blogpost #1. I think today I will get a little bit into me, what made me join Team Myles, and my current levels of motivation.


Up until about 2016 I was never really much of a runner. I played soccer growing up, and ran when the Army asked me to run, but I never enjoyed it. Running was always done begrudgingly, with my head down, trying to think about anything except running. I re-kindled a passion for fitness in 2016, dropped about 60 pounds, and stayed strong until September of 2017. There are many excuses I could make as to why I fell of the wagon, one of which was starting work again in Halifax, but I think I will save my more creative theories for future blog posts…need to build a little suspense…


This past fall, I was having trouble getting back into fitness, healthy eating, and running, when a colleague of mine recommended Team Myles. The more she talked about it, the more it seemed like an amazing way to re-gain motivation, meet some like minded folk, learn about running, and hopefully get some enjoyment out of it! If nothing else, I could learn a few tips and tricks, and be social a few times a week.


My current motivation levels are a touchy topic for me right now.  I felt pretty good after the first run… until the photos were posted to Facebook. I knew I had gained weight, but hadn’t realized how much until I saw those shots. It is hard to lie to yourself when you are staring at contradictory evidence, and it seemed like all the work  I had done over the past 18 months disappeared in a few months of laziness. I would be lying if that didn’t hurt. It still hurts.it probably will hurt for quite some time, but when it comes down to it, the only person I have to blame is myself. What is spurring me on now, is knowing that I am only going to get fitter and stronger from here on out. I did it before, I can do it again, and if some pain and bad feelings is the kick in the butt I need, then I am glad I got it now, before it got worse.


One final thought before I call it a night: No matter how bad things may seem, it is your approach to these challenges that makes the difference. You have the choice to approach things with a smile and a positive outlook but you also have the choice to mope around, feel bad for yourself, and blame the world for making things tough. For me? I hate moping; bring on the race.



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