Happy Dance!

Today was the second long group run for Halifax and the first time I’ve been able to run alongside this amazing team and it felt SO good! *Happy Dance!*

You all have one week behind you and as expected it’s been a harder week for some then others. There’s some muscles out there yelling at you “what is this?” “Why are you doing this too me?” This is normal.

Today I encourage you to acknowledge and be proud of yourself. Even if it feels small. You’re challening yourself and every single step towards a healthier you is an accomplishment. Your muscles will come around :)

I got in my car after our run and felt so estastic that I was able to move today and get to know some of you more. To high five you when you finished. To see your face when you proudly annouced you hit 5K etc. As a coach every single moment of just being out there with you all is so special.

And personally with my own physical limitations lately I was estatic that my body allowed me to move. Sure, it wasn’t what I’m used to but it’s where I’m at today. And I hope you each can focus on what you accomplished today (or yesterday. Or this week) as well.

Whether it’s your breathing felt better. You ran for 2 minutes straight. You chose not to eat the fries this week. You prepped a lunch. You worked out without the group etc.

Don’t brush any of it off, it’s all shaping lifestyle changes. Own it. Be proud. And know that you’re not alone. Coaches/mentors struggle too. And we’ve got your back.

Trust the process.
Enjoy the journey.

And do a happy dance… or hip circles :)


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