Game changer

I’m going to keep this blog short and sweet, our mentors and coaches are absolutely outstanding.  Yesterday our intervals were set at 4:1s and I felt absolutely fine with that, until we started running! The shin pain kicked in almost instantly and I was walking or REALLY slowly running almost the entire first half. Kristen never left my side once, and pulled me over to do some exercises that would help my shins. After that, she suggested we try running and just go at my own pace… Kristen buddy you changed the game for me! We threw the rules out the window (sorry Leanne) took our own route through the park and ran for 22 minutes straight!!!! Lucky for me it was super windy so Kristen couldn’t tell the difference between my wind tears and happy tears at the end. This was definitely a moment I’ll never forget. She gave me a hug, took a “Kristen Grant Selfie” and then we did a cool down run back to our team mates where every person greeted us with smiles and high fives. Team Myles, you are unbeatable. Thank you!!!!!

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