Finding My Ambition

I haven’t really been running since 2013. Sure, I did a 5k here and there, but it’s not like I’ve been “active.”

Numerous attempts to start a Couch-to-5k were fruitless, and I got discouraged. With ever-growing health issues (mental and physical), I grew more tired and sore and miserable. I knew I needed a different approach, and this was my first spark of ambition.

While I was getting my hair done one day last year, my stylist (Hi, Melissa!) mentioned that she had joined this group called “Team Myles” and she was so excited about it. So, I eventually decided that this was the change I needed, and I applied. Her encouragement was my second spark of ambition.

When I received word that I was accepted into the Team Myles 2018 program, I was ecstatic! Then I was terrified. Then cautiously optimistic. Tonight, with the support of my amazing girlfriend (Hi, Jann!), I set off to my first run with the Truro group. My lungs burned and my legs ached, but I did it. I finished. That was the last spark I needed to find my ambition.

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