Feel like a runner

So week 3 is underway and our long run on Sunday went much better than anticipated. Last week was lacking in motivation so I skipped a lot of my own training days – which means I expected Sunday’s long run to be really really awful. But it wasn’t. I actually did all my 3:1 intervals and felt great afterwards! I actually remember thinking in the car on the way home – hey….I’m a runner now. I never thought I would ever say those words – even if they were just to myself – but there you go.

Then…..obviously on some kind of adrenaline high after our run, I agreed to do a class or two this week and a group run with my pod. So off we went to Goodlife for BodyPump….which for those you who have never done a BodyPump class is a test of cardio endurance, matched with a test of muscles you haven’t used in the last 5 years paired up with a sack of potatoes you get to sling around. Being the mother of an active and “healthy” 4 year old boy, you’d think I’d be used to running around all day lifting and throwing him around and squatting every 2 minutes to pick up a toy or something…..nope. Not even close. Today I am having a hard time sitting down and an equally hard time standing up. So what am I going to do about it??

I’m off for another run…… I must be nuts.

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