Cutting to the Pace (not the chase)

I can push a 430lb sled, do 130lb lateral pull downs, flip a 400lb+ tire and so on, so I am mentally struggling with not being able to just dive right into this running thing with more ease. I fundamentally know that endurance is totally different than being able to lift things or do conditioning training that is part of the bootcamps that I am accustomed to, but the brain as I am sure many of you know, is a tricky thing.

The other night while on Citadel Hill doing the warm-ups, I took off in a few sprints but exhausted myself out in between them; clearly wanting to be able to do what my brain knows how to do; and that is be competitive. Learning to pace myself is going to be my biggest struggle and I really tried to get that in my head today; but only once was I able to run (jog) the full 3 minutes.

Given we are only a couple of weeks into this running adventure, I know I have a lot to learn and I have time to change my mindset toward going at a slower pace and being comfortable at being at the back of the pack. This is my first ever attempt at a running program and it is easy to forget that and beat myself up, given I have spent the last 15 months doing personal training, bootcamps and losing over 100lbs. I want to get out of this mindset and be able to relax more into this amazing opportunity instead of beating myself up over my own lack of perceived progress.

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