Blog 4: Whether You Fall

As the great Tracy Bonham once sang,

“Maybe all eyes are on you
As you finish the race
And the world sees you struggling
For last place
Whether you fall
Means nothing at all
It’s whether you get up
It’s whether you get up”
I had a bad fall last Sunday while running. Are there “good” falls? I don’t know.
It was cold and snowy, but I showed up, so I was going to run! We were just starting our 3:1s.
I tripped in a pothole, and down I went. My wrist ended up under the right side of my chest and knocked the wind out of me as my right cheek hit the pavement. Luckily, my sunglasses took the worst of it and I didn’t break anything… just a lot of bruising and a scraped knee.
One of my pod-mates walked me back to my car and made sure I was ok, but I think my pride was hurt then more than anything.
By the time Tuesday’s group run came along, I knew I wasn’t ready to run. But I didn’t hurt my feet or ankles, so I could still walk! And so I did, with my pod leader, and we still did about 3.5 km, which I am very happy with.
Another pod was going on a run this morning and I had considered going with them. But it was raining and I was still in some pain, so I bowed out and hit the treadmill for 40 min of walking—the equivalent time of 8 x 4:1s.
I’m really hoping I have the confidence to get out for our group run on Sunday morning, because this whole experience has made such a positive difference in my life.
So I have to keep telling myself, it’s not whether I fall, it’s whether I get up.

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