Better Late than Never

When this all started with a simple email I was at a point in my life where I am reflecting a lot. I have a child that is preparing to go off to university and a relationship going down the serious road. Things are changing at a rapid pace right now and I stopped for a moment to read the email offering the chance to be involved in this opportunity. In that moment I realized I needed to try something like this for me. 100% totally, fully only for me. So, I took some time to really think it over and sent my email in. The day I was named as the winner I was elated. Then the next moment I wanted to cry I was so scared.

But, I went to the kick off and meet a couple of members that turned out to be just as nervous as me. I fit in, I am going to be okay.

Training is in the third week now. I am still a little slow and well really damn sore. I get up every morning thinking tired, sluggish and even more sore than the day before but, once you get going the body feels a bit better. When I check into the Facebook group or my pod’s conversations I am always greeted by encouragement. Never a knock if I just can’t do my run that day.

This group’s encouragement and enthusiasm is enough to keep you going on those Hill nights when you don’t think you have that last bit of energy to get to the top (although down is really just as hard). This is the group and opportunity I needed to get where I want to go. I am feeling extremely proud to be going on this journey.

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