And so Week Two begins…

Today’s run was great again. I’m not a runner and haven’t been to the gym regularly in years. My friend used to joke about my charitable contributions to Nubody’s (yes the last time I had a membership it was still Nubody’s before GoodLife took it over). She said when you pay for a  membership and only go two or three times in a year it’s a donation…

I was pleasantly surprised to find my first run last week wasn’t nearly as hard as I feared. And I was positively beaming when Leanne told me to run through the final three and a half minutes and not walk at all and I did it!

Running on my own on Monday was much, much harder. I’m not sure if it was because I was by myself or if it was at the end of the work day and I was tired. Or maybe I just missed high-fiving Myles! But I made it through the 1:1s without having to do any extra walking so I felt okay.

Wednesday’s hill running was a big challenge, much harder than the Point Pleasant Park run, so I was very nervous about the 2:1 today. But it felt great again, I ran all the 2s and kept running through the final three minutes instead of finishing with a walk and I finished my third km faster than I did my first which I was pretty proud of (I went 3.37 kms according to my Garmin)

And I was pleased to met some more of the friendly Team Myles members including my podmate Tracy who was away for the first week.

So now, I have to confess that I am a person who will take any excuse not to exercise (that’s why there were so many charitable contributions to Nubody’s), so having the training plan laid out and knowing my teammates are completing all the assignments, is going to keep me on track. I did well last week (I also met up with my podmates for BodyPump on Tuesday) but Thursday I got offtrack as I had to drive to Pictou after work to see my boyfriend’s daughter in her school play (it was great) and then drive back Friday morning then work a full day. Add in a couple of other commitments and I didn’t run or crosstrain either Thursday or Friday unless you count snow shovelling. So I’m going to set a goal of doing everything on the training plan this week and feel confident that my teammates will keep me on track!

I’m thrilled and proud to be part of this amazing program and I’ve been enjoying everyone’s thoughts on their Team Myles experience.

Thanks everyone!


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  1. Christina Devine
    ChristinaMarch 12, 2018 at 1:52 am #

    Amazing Andrea! You’re doing so well! I think you are going to do so amazing!!! You’ll start to love your solo runs as much as the group runs for different reasons. :)

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