Adrenaline is the best medicine

Work was tough today. It was hectic, overwhelming and stressful, and I was pulled in a million directions at once. It was a “crying in the bathroom” kind of day, as embarrassing as that is to admit. By 4pm, I was so tense and angry that I felt like exploding and crawling into bed at the same time. The last thing I wanted to do was get up off the couch, socialize and run!

I made myself go because I didn’t want to let the team (or myself) down. Plus, I figured the exercise would help my mood. Fast forward to 6:30pm, standing with my fellow team members at the bottom of Citadel Hill, with no idea just how right the “me” of only 1 hour before would be. Simply chatting and laughing a little helped loosen that tight ball of stress sitting in the middle of my back. That ball unraveled a little more during our warm-up at the top of the hill, then even more with each sprint/walk up and down. Pretty soon, that stress-ball was gone altogether – it’s easy for things like paperwork to become trivial when you’re focused on self-preservation (i.e. breathing and staying upright)!

Each powerful pump of my arms waved away a concern, comment or responsibility from the day, until they were all gone, floating up over the hill and back to the office where they belong.

I have learned a few lessons already, even though we’re only a week in, but I learned a pretty important one tonight; one that I will carry with me throughout the coming weeks: Adrenaline is the best medicine. When you have a bad day, that is NOT when you should crawl into bed, that is when you should get MOVING!

You will always be glad you did.

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