SO hungry!

Omg guys… I’m so hungry! Like all the time.  I think of my next snack/meal while I’m eating one. Is this normal?  Everything I ate today wold be Amanda (our amazing Lifemark dietician) approved, but the amount. ..maybe not so much. Lol

I’ve been exercising regularly for just over a year,  and I’ve definitely noticed certain workouts I do make me hungrier than others,  but nothing like this! I feel like a bottomless pit! Running hese 10k’s  and crosstraining ain’t no joke! 4000 calories a day is ok right? Amanda??? Please? Haha

That’s really all i wanted to say , or complain about rather. Just wanted to give any readers who are inspired by our journey (as I was with last year’s team!) a  heads up. If you decide to start running,  it’s amazing. You’ll amaze yourself,  and probably your family and friends,  but be warned…. you WILL be hungry!  😉



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