OMG .. It’s May …. Three Weeks Until Bluenose

Want to know a secret? I’m scared …have I done enough? Will I be ready? Is this body capable of running 10km in just 3 short weeks? That’s 2 hills nights and 2 long runs left. I may have just vomited a little … I’ll never tell 😉

Apparently these feelings are totally normal at this part in the process. I had them last year, and the year before. Race day came … and our #TeamMyles ran our hearts out and celebrated 12 weeks of hard work, dedication, and training.  But this is a new year … a new team, and I’m still scared. But of what??

I’m a fixer, a problem solver, and in general, a nurturer .. for others. So what do I say to our incredible team members? You’ve got this .. trust the process … you’ve done the work … and you’ll be fine. So why can’t I calm my own fears? The same truth applies, but that voice … you’re too old, you’re not in shape .. blah, blah… and blah. SILENCE Naggy Voice … the beauty of running is, you do what’s possible. All we need to do is try. Do our best … run intervals that are possible, and finish the race proudly.

To the other Negative Nellies out there … Silence. Dig deeper … what’s the worst that can happen? You finish with a slower time that you anticipated? You still get a medal. People still cheer for you every step of the way …and you still get to have brunch 😉

To my amazing #TeamMyles … we’ve come … we’ve trained … and we’ll conquer. Our coaches believe we can do it … your mentors believe you can do it … and the only thing left to do … is run. These incredible women have found an inner strength, pushed beyond the obstacles and hit the streets. They have become my running family.

For anyone out there … reading this and thinking … I can’t do that .. it’s not possible … It is.

The only thing you need to do is start – even today – put on your sneakers and run between phone poles, or driveways, add one each day you go out. Become part of the #BlueNoseMarathonMagic … a community of people who put one foot in front of the other and just run.




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