I Got Knocked Down, But I Got Up Again

Injuries will never keep me down! At least not for long, that is. Sorry for the ear worm…. the song is stuck in my head now too.

I’ve been dealing with a hip flexor injury since the end of March.  The pain I was in was some of the worst I have ever experienced. Since then, I have been faithfully going to see Robyn from Lifemark at Canada Games Centre and have been following her instructions to the letter. She has been beyond wonderful with me. She is knowledgeable and professional and knew right away what we needed to work on to get me moving again.  She is amazing and cannot express how appreciative I am of her help. I’m not crooked anymore!

In fact, last week I was able to start running again!!! I have to be super careful though. Right now, I am allowed to run up to 30 minutes doing 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking and only on flat surfaces. Provided I don’t feel any pain, I can increase to higher intervals for the next run. I’ll take that for sure! It’s a start!

When I was in my most pain, all I could think about was that I was disappointing the team and myself by not being able to attend training runs. I only ended up missing 3 sessions, but it felt like I missed so much.  Throughout the time I was out, team members messaged me to see how I was doing. That’s when I realized I wasn’t actually letting anyone down. I was doing what needed to be done for me to get back with the Team. No one was looking down at me for missing time, they were more concerned about how I was doing.  A lot of people would have just given up and quit, but there was no way I could do that. Team Myles 2017 is full of incredibly strong women that I consider part of my extended family. Yes, I could and did keep in touch through Facebook, but there’s nothing better than getting to be around them in person. Their energy and determination is infectious.

Numerous team members have told me that they have looked at me as an example of being sure to listen to your body and how important it is to look after yourself. Here’s my unsolicited advice – Discomfort when running can be normal, but if that discomfort turns into pain and it doesn’t go away, get looked at right away.  Even a small twinge can turn into a major problem. That is exactly what happened to me. I thought I was ok and BAM! I took two ambulances to the hospital and have been doing physio for a month.

I have decided to do the 5K race at the Blue Nose instead of the 10K. At first I was disappointed in that decision, but that was my head speaking. My gut has been telling me to do the 5K for a couple of weeks now. This way, I can focus my energy on completing it without worrying as much about re-injuring myself. Plus, there’s nothing saying I can’t work myself up to run the 10K route later on. Don’t worry Team Myles, I’ll be somewhere along the 10K race route to cheer you all on!! It’ll be like a game of Where’s Waldo!

This poster was in one of the rooms at Lifemark Physio. I felt it was very appropriate.

This poster was in one of the rooms at Lifemark Physio. I felt it was very appropriate.


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