By my side…

A few weeks ago,  I ran my first race ever with one of my sisters by my side.  Both of my sisters are amazing athletes – sport and fitness has been at the centre of their lives forever.  Somehow, I missed getting involved in sports when I was younger.  I did play on a soccer team in junior high, but I didn’t even have a pair of cleats.  I didn’t know they were a necessity to play soccer.  I wore the cutest little pink sneakers to every game.  It is a miracle that I have toes after wearing those during soccer season.

During the race, my sister could have left me and ran a faster race.  She could have left me an ran with her friends who were there too.  But she didn’t leave my side.  She walked when I walked, she ran when I ran.  When I wanted to stop, she told me to keep going.  I am so lucky to have the sisters that I have- they have been following my Team Myles journey every step of the way.  Every Sunday, my sister Erin sends me a text asking about my run.  These small gestures are making me a better person.  Team Myles is making me a better person.  When we were running the MEC race a few weeks ago, my sister Heather noticing all the Team Myles shirts turned to me and said, “I love Team Myles…everyone is so supportive – it is so motivating.”  What she saw, were Team Myles rock stars giving each other high-fives and shout outs when we passed each other.  We genuinely wanted each other to do well.  Having my sister see the power of our team made me run just a little faster and with a lot more confidence.

Team Myles is like having a tribe of sisters by your side.  No one gets left behind, we all want each other to succeed and we cry  and celebrate with each other when we reach our goals.  So, to my sisters Erin and Heather, thank you for inspiring me and cheering me on.  Your support fuels my heart with so much love.  And to my tribe of Team Myles sisters, thank you all for making this journey as special as each one of you.  You are all strong, beautiful and fiercely determined.  I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing team.  xx



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