YOGAtta be kidding me!

I really really LOVED it! Didn’t think I would but I did. I’ve done yoga a couple of times before and looked and felt like a fool as I couldn’t do any of the poses/moves.

I was a little apprehensive heading into our class last night. That was short lived. As soon as we started Mike from TAYSYoga set us at ease checking in on our experience levels. He clearly explained the steps throughout the class and it was a great experience. I’ve stretched areas I’ve never stretched before.

It wasn’t all glory, I had muscles all over screaming at me and trying to understand what in the world I was doing. My feet kept cramping up and my back was doing all kinds of freaky things but all started to settle as the class went on.

The light hearts and laughter of the great group I was with #TeamMyles2017,  made it even that much better……



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