Where does motivation come from?

Do you ever notice how some people are very self-disciplined? They moderate what they eat, they exercise, and they appear very organized. I envy them, I don’t seem to be build that way. I seem to be from the “Do as I say, not as I do” population.

I was explaining to a friend the other day about our training for #TeamMyles, and I recounted our running up #CitadelHill in -18 with ice pellets in our faces, the number of minutes and increased distances we run each week – and he asked me one question … Why?

The answer … We’re #TeamMyles … and this is what we do. As mentors, we tell our team members … Trust the Process. And they look at us with fear, doubt and trepidation. And then they follow the instructions and at the end of training session, they realize what they’ve accomplished – the looks on their faces convey sheer delight, pride and empowerment. Seeing the looks and the determination of each team member is where I find my motivation and inspiration.

If you happen to be reading this and thinking … that’s them, not me … or If only .. I had started earlier, or maybe next year, or they are in way better shape than me, or … whatever other excuses you can conger up … Stop. There can only be one winner … but the other 12,500 people do it for their own reasons, their own personal bests, their own delight, pride and empowerment.

Perhaps this year, is your year … to try. It may be you walk the 5km … and that motivates you to try the 10km next year. You won’t be alone no matter which race you choose, and you’ll become part of a community of people that support each step you take towards a more active and healthier you.

Thinking about it? Don’t give yourself time to say no – click here and register today http://bluenosemarathon.com/races-events/registration/


I look forward to running the roads with you.

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